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Marlene – Boutique of Fragrances

Marlene Boutique of Fragrances, in Naples Vomero, is born by the passion for the wonderful and magical world of fragrances and the sense of smell of its creator, which brings life to a love born in her youth and never dormant.

Our objective is to give the possibility to look for the characteristics of the most suitable essences for your won soul, freeing yourself from the choices imposed by commercial brands,

to discover inebriating, sought after, and away from habits.


For this exact reason, we created a welcoming and inviting environment, with a sense relaxing atmosphere, in which the Guest can shelter and get accompanied in the search for refined and sophisticated olfactory creations, conceived by skilled perfumers noses, with the ability of best expressing their personality and make every trip, occasion and event unique.

An intriguing olfactory cultural meeting place that represents an unprecedented point of reference for fragrance lovers and for style, innovations, emotions, and olfactory experiments hunters.

Marlene is far from the classic conception of perfumery linked to the sale of products, even if they are refined and selected, soft light and elegant colors give the environment a welcoming, intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for communicating passions and emotions, in which we can present to a passionate and curious Guest, an exclusive fragrance that stands out for the quality of the raw materials and the exaltation of every single note that composes it, so you can discover, explore, get to know and enjoy it.

Lovers of fine fragrances, in search of exclusive brands and rare essences, will be able to discover avant-garde perfumes that can fully respond to their desires or represent a privileged gift, making their shopping experience unique and valuable!

In addition to perfumes, in Boutique and online you can buy candles, face, hands, body and barbershop products.