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Etat Libre d’Orange

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory family: ambery, spicy
Top notes: Cumin HE, Cinnamon HE, Pure Rhum Junle Essence™.
Heart notes: Pure Vanille Jungle Essence ™, Vanilla Absolute, Cistus Labdanum Absolute.
Base notes: Chestnut wood, Bourbon Vetiver HE, Vinyl Gaiacol – MANE Biotech.

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Frustration is a powerful and multifaceted perfume dominated by Vanilla, Rum and Vetiver.

The frustration, is what remains of renunciation, is the sister of perfume, since perfume is the greatest frustration in the game of love. The perfume is a fullness that is never satisfied, an enjoyment that has begun but never reached, an infinite movement of desire without fulfillment, an instillation that excites, seduces, lulls, dominates and annoys like a Bolero of Ravel.


So, grab a vanilla bean, a rose with puffy red petals, some old rum bursting with amber woods, a bourbon vetiver and bring each of these ingredients to your senses.


Satisfaction kills while desire makes you live by creating movement through the ever-renewed distance that never makes you reach the goal.


Happy are the consumers of desire, unhappy are the consumers of enjoyment.

“You will always want more of this fragrance. The fleeting animality of cumin blends with the warm and powerful cinnamon, and the intense trail of rum turns out to be a fleeting pleasure “.

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Etat Libre d’Orange

Olfactory family

amber, spicy


100 ml


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