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Francesca dell’Oro

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory family: woody, spicy, aromatic
Top notes: Cardamom, Juniper, Sichuan Pepper, Thyme, Incense.
Heart notes: Jasmine absolute, Artemisia, Chamomile.
Base notes: Tobacco, Amber Woods, Cedar Wood.

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Precious resins and aromas of distant lands, flowers with beneficial relaxing effects and sacred woods are fused in a fine, light, almost ascetic atmosphere, in which every gesture acquires candor. Tomorrow is the promise of an uncontaminated reality, a tomorrow regenerated and virgin from all dark falsehoods.

Bihaku, a skilful fusion of the Japanese terms “BI = beauty and Haku = white”, embodies the vocation for a noble and intact aesthetic, an abstraction from reality in which absolute white is already a refined synonym of limpid and luminous beauty .

Bihaku is a combination of beauty and candid finesse which in our imagination translates into a sensory harmony with unusual implications, in which any other color is inevitably banned. A perfume with soft and round features, an olfactory comfort zone in which every mental form becomes flexible, versatile, disjointed and finally free to return to the original whiteness.

Bihaku is that inner peace from which to let oneself be enveloped, that longed for and angelic purity after failure, dissolves the rigidity of conventions and restores purity and new light to forms. The journey will have a satisfying destination: the roof of the world from which to hover light, uncontaminated, spiritually renewed.

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Francesca dell'Oro


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