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Francesca dell’Oro

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory family: woody, spicy, amber
Top notes: Timur Pepper Jungle Essence, Pink grapefruit, Nutmeg.
Heart notes: Vanilla flower, Lemon flower, Amber accord.
Base notes: Betahydrane, Vetiver bourbon, Sandalwood.

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We could define the protagonist of this fragrance as a modern boulevardier or flâneur, those who by vocation do not disdain to seek their own balance incessantly and prefer to flee from chaos rather than mingle with the shapeless crowd, to the point that, to look inside themselves, he dedicates himself to the contemplation of details, of every detail that makes up the dynamics of a city.

He loves to observe and be observed, inclined to a never pressing discipline, living modernity with a look towards the past not, of course, for a nostalgic regurgitation, but to savor every moment with an intensity that today we tend to leave out in our frenetic way of living. .

In the top notes, a sacred and stimulating Timur Pepper introduces us to a path that promises precious facets: iridescent streaks of nutmeg vibrate in the seductive game of this artist and which, combined with the energizing effect of pink grapefruit, positively predisposes and encourages the dynamism.

In his heart, the candid innocence of vanilla and lemon blossoms combined with sumptuous amber accords reveals his natural, lively and jovial nature.

In the base notes, the unmistakable earthy and turbid notes of the precious and rare vetiver, stimulate an approach to virility contained in this bouquet of distant aromas, crowned by the mystical and purifying notes of the woody and spiritual sandalwood.

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Francesca dell'Oro


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