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Eau de Parfum

Olfactory family: woody, spicy, fruity
Top notes: Peach, Rose, Amber, Jasmine.
Heart notes: Grapes, Leather, Plums, Cloves, Coffee.
Base notes: Musks, Vetiver, vanilla, precious woods.

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Imagine Catullus in the Sirmione villa, discussing politics, social issues or philosophy with his friends, what perfume would he wear? Let’s suppose a perfume like this: called Catullus.

This perfume was born because Rome was not only war and power, it was also, and above all, the development of thought and of a civilization that is the basis of our very existence.

Furthermore, it is now well known: the Misenum has roots in Ancient Rome, yes, but its founder lives on Lake Garda right near Sirmione!

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Olfactory family

fruity, spicy, woody


100 ml


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